We are a gaming platform that enables gamers to be professional by earning money just by playing their games.

Want to help us to bring this platform to live?

Why Curave?

Earn Money

Earn Money

We want to challenge the traditional stereotype that only professional gamers can earn money, with Curave, any gamer can earn money.

Climb Leaderboard

Challenge Others

Face off with other players in mode of 1v1, 5v5 or your preferred match setting and win attractive prizes

Have Fun

Have Fun

Most importantly have fun while earning money and meet new people

How It Works?

Step 1


By providing your steam id, we will be able to verify your identity and thus allowing the matching process to be faster

Step 2

Choose tournament

Place the required amount of credits into the prize pool for the tournament that you will be competing in

You will then be matched with other players who are taking part in the same tournament

*Match format can be in 1v1 or 5v5.
Step 3

Battle & Conquer

You will proceed to compete against the other players for the prize pool

It all boils down to your skill and knowledge on DOTA 2 to win that prize pool!

Step 4

Receive Payout

Once a winner has been decided, our team will proceed to disburse the prize pool to the winning team/player